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Driven by instinct. Powered by performance.

We create the racers of tomorrow by combining the best traditions of yesteryear with the latest innovations of today. Leveraging the power and performance of the Radical SR1, we offer a fresh perspective on race driver training that focuses on nurturing fully rounded drivers from the inside out.

We offer expert training for budding racers of all skill levels - from complete novice to advanced and beyond.

What makes us unique

  • Only race school in the USA accredited by Radical Sports cars, offering exclusive access to Radical racing events, products and services

  • Flexible, modular approach to learning 

  • Focus on nurturing the whole racer - not just issuing licenses

  • One of the most diverse and unique training venues in the USA offering an unparalleled learning environment

  • Commitment to making every event an experience, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave

What drives us

Behind the engines revving, the turns of the track and the mechanical perfection we all love, it’s the human element that drives our business and fires our passion. We see it every day. The thrilled faces of those who’ve achieved their dream. The moment of clarity when something new is learned. The endless storytelling when the engines have stopped. This is what we live for and the essence of what we strive to nurture both on and off the track.

Our Promise

The Passion: This is more than a business for us. It’s a passion. We’re about sharing our love of the track with budding racers from all walks of life. Whatever your background, whatever your experience – we’re here to support you on every rung of your racing journey.

The People: We believe our people are our strength. They are the energy behind our programs on and off the track and the heart of our reputation. The expertise, knowledge and care provided by our staff are at the centerpiece of our offering and differentiate us from the rest. 

The Knowledge: We know racing. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve driven tracks all over the country and experienced learning environments throughout the USA. We’re deliberately different. We take the best proven traditions and mix them with the latest innovation, technology and a flexible learning approach designed to match your busy life and skill level.

The Experience: We’re dedicated to creating high-end driving experiences. We believe that every day on track should be a life-changing experience – an event that will be talked about and never forgotten. From education to all out thrills, we have the facilities, knowledge, people and passion to create remarkable memories both on and off the track.

Primal Racing School

Atlanta Motorsports Park
20 Duck Thurmond Road
Dawsonville, GA 30534


Creating the racers of tomorrow by combining the best traditions of yesteryear with the latest innovations of today