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Portuguese F1 Grand Prix

Ever dreamed of being part of a real F1 race? Primal Racing has partnered with Revolution A-One to bring you a once in a lifetime opportunity to race in the support race for the Portuguese F1 Grand Prix on 23-25 October 2020.

This exclusive VIP package is limited to only 10 places and includes your very own race car ant the opportunity to race it on the world stage. 

Upon arrival, you will be accommodated in a 5-star hotel with transportation provided. Practice sessions help you get adjusted to your new race car with a professional driving instructor's help to introduce you to the famed Portimao circuit in the build-up to the race. 

During your race, you will have two sets of tires, fuel, and team support included. Throughout the weekend, you will have the opportunity to be one of the few people in the world to watch an F1 Grand Prix in action all from the comfort of the Revolution VIP Lounge. Following the race, your Revolution A-One will be transported to the home track of your choosing.

Revolution A-One VIP Package Includes:

✓ Revolution A-One Race Car (Limited to 10 packages)

✓ Bespoke Portimao F1 GP Edition decal set (free color choice)

✓ Exclusive Portimao F1 GP Race Suit (free color choice)

✓ Entry fee, 2 sets of tyres, fuel, transport and team support

✓ Professional Driving Instructor

✓ 1st class ticket from Miami, Los Angeles or NYC for 2 people

✓ Transfer from and to Portimao Race Track

✓ Hotel room Hotel Algarve Casino 5* or Longevity Hotel 5*

✓ Watch the F1 Grand Prix from our Revolution VIP Lounge and meet Ex F1 driver Martin Brundle

✓ Revolution A-One transport from Europe to the USA

What is the Revolution A-One?

The Revolution A-One has been designed by drivers for drivers. Not only is it stunning to look at but is packed with cutting-edge technology and built to the highest safety standards. 

Some of the many highlights include:

• Carbon tub formed using infusion technology, for class-leading stiffness and safety

• Ford V6 3.7-litre engine, producing 380bhp, with long service intervals

• 6-Speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift

• Formula One-style steering wheel with finger-tip driving data and controls

• 795kg total weight

• Aero balanced downforce for high-speed cornering with confidence

• Dramatic styling honed by F1 aerodynamicists

• Two-seater cockpit for passenger rides and driver coaching

Where You'll Be Racing

The AIA Portimao racetrack hosts the Portuguese Formula OneGrand Prix for the first time this year, and it will undoubtedly prove to be one of the most exciting tracks on the calendar. Situated in the Algarve, just 10 miles from some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the track has an areal rollercoaster profile to it. Undulating throughout its 3-mile length, the15 corners are a thrilling ride that will extract the best from drivers and their cars. It truly is an experience not to be missed. When not racing the region shows plenty more to enjoy, including fine restaurants, the amazing coastline, historic fishing villages, castles, and plenty more. The weather in October is temperate and warm, making it an ideal time to visit.

To learn more information reach out to us at:

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